Belgian converts form organisation to spread true values of Islam

July 21, 2014
A Belgian Muslim family has established an organisation to help and guide the new converts in Belgium to understand the true message of Islam of peace and tolerance. It is called “4 New Moslims” and based in Wommelgem, near Antwerp in the Flemish-speaking region in northern Belgium.

The organisation held an Iftar (breaking of the fast in the month of Ramdhan) at the Islamic and Cultural Centre in Brussels Saturday night to explain the goals and the aims of the organisation.

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US Muslims Launch Gaza Alert

OnIslam Staff
Wednesday, 16 July 2014
In its first “CAIR Connects” alert, the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, made an alert on Israeli war on Gaza. CAIRO – Offering US Muslims a direct link to their representative congressmen, a leading US Muslim advocacy group has launched a new service designed to enable American Muslims to share their concerns about foreign policy issues.

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Florida teen beaten in Israel arrives home

TAMPA, Fla. — Tariq Khdeir, the teenager who was beaten by Israeli police earlier this month, returned to his family amid cheers at Tampa International Airport late Wednesday. It feels so good to be back in Tampa,” Tariq said. “I can’t wait to go fishing with my friends.”

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Israel Shelling Gaza With Banned Weapons

OnIslam & News Agencies
Thursday, 10 July 2014
Photos showed Palestinians whose limbs had been blown off and others whose bodies looked as if they had been subject to chemical attack.
GAZA CITY – As death toll exceeded 70 over three-day Israeli offensive on besieged Gaza strip, Palestinian health ministry officials have warned that Israeli is using internationally-proscribed weapons which were apparent in incinerated and torn out bodies of victims.

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Pro-Gaza Protests Shake the World

OnIslam & News Agencies
Saturday, 12 July 2014
The British capital saw the largest turnout with thousands of protesters rallying outside the Israeli Embassy on Friday. WORLD CAPITALS – Thousands of angry demonstrators turned out to the streets around the world on Friday, July 11, to protest the Israeli war on besieged Gaza Strip that has resulted in the killing of more than 120 Palestinian and injuring of hundreds.

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Former Playboy bunny converts to Islam

Sunday,July 6 2014
A former Playboy bunny has embraced Islam, comparing the transition to “rebirth.” Felixia Yeap announced her conversion to her 835,000 followers on Facebook on July 3, later revealing that she had taken up her new faith at the Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. “I hope everyone will pray that I will be steadfast and committed in my new journey. Only Allah can repay all those who prayed for my new life,” the 28-year-old said in her posting on her Facebook page, which has more than 750,000 likes, according to the Malaysian news website The Star Online.

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I Was Taught to Hate Islam

By Tina Styliandou
Monday, 30 June 2014
I had belief in God, fear and love for Him, but everything else confused me. I was born in Athens, Greece , to Greek Orthodox parents. My father’s family lived in Turkey, Istanbul for most of their lives, and my father was born and raised there.They were wealthy, well–educated, and as most Christian Orthodox who lived in an Islamic country, they held on to their religion.

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When New to Islam “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

By Shannon Abulnasr-
Monday, 16 June 2014
When someone accepts Islam, they have a desire to try to do everything perfectly right from the start. However, being very new to the faith, they don’t always know what are the most important things to focus on and what is minor.

This can make a new Muslim so overwhelmed at times, that it makes them contemplate Islam. They feel that they will never be able to do things they are taught and give up.

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“Haram” Cadbury Fury Extends to Indonesia

JAKARTA – Putting the reputation of the giant chocolate maker at stake, Indonesian authorities have announced they were testing products made by the British confectioner to see if they complied with Islamic standards after pork traces were found in two products in neighboring Malaysia. “After such an incident, it is prudent to do a test on the other variants to see if they also have traces of the pig DNA,” Roy Alexander Sparingga, head of Indonesia’s Food and Drug Monitoring Agency, told Reuters on Friday, May 30.

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Mufti Praises Muslim-Friendly Ukraine

KIEV – As news of developing civil war between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian fighters ripped Ukraine, Mufti Said Ismagov, the highest seat for Ukrainian Muslims, has urged Muslims to stay out of ongoing war, praising the country’s good relations with the religious minority. Everything is good in Ukraine, you cannot even imagine how well things are here! We all find a place in the sun and ground under our feet,” Ismagov, the head mufti of the Committee of Muslims of Ukraine wrote on Facebook, World Bulletin reported on Saturday, June 7.

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Visitors Slam 9/11 Museum Islam Portrayal .

OnIslam & Newspapers
Monday, 02 June 2014
Controversies surrounding 9/11 museum were heightened after introducing “The Rise of Al Qaeda” film which refers to the terrorists as Islamists. CAIRO – Almost two weeks after its opening, September 11 Memorial Museum has been drawing various reactions from visitors who criticized it for failing to “differentiate” between Islam and terrorism.

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Nigeria Muslims Pray for Peace

OnIslam & News Agencies
Sunday, 25 May 2014
MAIDUGURI – Bewildered with the recent Boko Haram and bombing attacks, Nigeria’s Sultan of Sokoto has invited prominent Muslims leaders from across the country to a national day of prayer for peace and to overcome security challenges. The “National Muslims Prayers for Peace and Security in Nigeria” aims to help the country in “overcoming the current security challenges facing the country” a statement printed in several national newspapers said.

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The myth that Islam is anti-Jewish

May 24, 2014, By: Qasim Rashid
New bus ads in DC say the Qu’ran promotes Jew-hatred. It’s a meritless, dangerous accusation. The fiasco continues. Islamophobes are fabricating the myth that Islam promotes Jew-hatred by taking out ads on D.C. buses. Take a look at the ad, linked above, does anyone else find it insane that these ignorant people are spending money promoting pictures of Adolf Hitler?

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The Many Beauties of Islam

By Shannon Abulnasr-
Tuesday, 20 May 2014
What do you consider to be a beauty of Islam?
I asked this question to dozens of my revert friends, and everyone had various things they found beautiful about Islam. I got numerous replies to my question, and I would like to share the most common answers.

So, what do people find beautiful about Islam?

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I Used to Hate Islam and Muslims

By Dawood Beale
Tuesday, 20 May 2014
I had to keep in touch with my family, but my hometown was a bit of a war zone. So I decided if they wanted to see me, they could come to visit me instead. I went to college and started my A levels. I was behind everyone else because they had all just came from school, but my GCSEs allowed me to go anyway.

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Saudi Arabia May Curb Trade Ties With Netherlands Over Anti-Islam Slogans

By Reuters – May 19, 2014
Saudi Arabia is considering trade sanctions against the Netherlands because of stickers printed by far-right politician Geert Wilders which display anti-Islam slogans in the colours of the Saudi flag, a Dutch foreign ministry spokesman said. Wilders, leader of the anti-immigration Dutch Freedom Party, is tied in first place with the Democrats in national opinion polls before European Parliament elections that

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Bosnian Muslims complain of increasing attacks

World Bulletin / News Desk
May 16, 2014
Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina have complained about the increasing incidents of abuse they encounter in the town of Zvornik after a young man was attacked in front of the local Rijecanka Mosque. In a seperate incident, an 81-year-old ethnic Serb killed a Muslim man with an axe after a public dispute after the latter refused to receive Easter eggs during the Christian festivities. The next day, the Muslim man, Ahmed Hasanovic, was found dead in front of his home in Kozluk, near Zvornik.

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Anti-Muslim Jokes Get UK Member Punished

OnIslam & Newspapers
Sunday, 05 May 2014
CAIRO – Anti-Muslim comments and jokes about destroying mosques and burning Muslims have led a member of a far-right British party to be suspended. “We are shocked to learn about the views of Tony Nixon expressed on Facebook, which are not representative of United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip),” a party spokesman

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Anti-Islam Comments Put UKip in Trouble

OnIslam & News Agencies
Friday, 16 May 2014
LONDON – A UK Independence party candidate for London Borough of Brent has stirred wide condemnations after accusing Muslims of “grooming children to sex slaves”, branding Islam a “totalitarian ideology”. “[Heino] Vockrodt’s odious comments are deeply offensive,” the Labour leader of Brent council, Muhammed Butt, told Press Association on Thursday, May 15.

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Why Do You Want to Know How I Became Muslim?

By Nourdeen Wildeman-
Muslim Revert – The Netherlands
Everybody is unique. And as every person is unique, every story on how someone has become Muslim is unique. Their first experiences within the Islamic community are unique.

The reactions they get from their non-Muslim friends and family can be completely different from case to case.

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